The tooth may be tender or sore for a few days, especially to touch or bite. This reaction is normal and has no bearing on the successful outcome of treatment. Usually ibuprofen (Advil), aspirin or Tylenol or any similar pain medication that you take for minor discomfort will take care of the soreness. If you have severe pain that is not relieved by one of these medications, or if swelling should occur, please call our office. If an antibiotic has been prescribed, take the antibiotics on schedule and always until completed.

If you have discomfort or swelling, use hot salt water as follows: place one teaspoon of salt in a glass of hot water. Take a sip and hold it in the area of soreness or swelling until the water cools off. Then empty this out and take another sip. Repeat this procedure for five minutes every hour as needed. This increases the circulation in the area, eases the discomfort, and helps the body fight any infection that may be present.

Eating or drinking is not usually a problem after the appointment. However, the tooth may be sore, or if it is a posterior tooth, it may be weakened until your dentist restores it with a crown, so in those situations, avoid heaving chewing on the tooth.

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